Jani Viitanen

Jani Viitanen

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First Name * Jani
Last Name * Viitanen
Username * snowflake
Country * Finland
City Palkane
Nationality Finland
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


I graduated from Vancouver Film School's 3D animation and Visual Effects Program in September 2012. During the intense program I majored in 3D modeling/texturing and minored in VFX. The main benefit that VFS offered me compared to many other schools is that I was able to gain 6 months of valuable, production like working experience while finishing my showreel in studio environment.

I also have a bachelor's degree in science and I'm currently finishing my master's degree in Media Technology. While studies at VFS strengthens my creative abilities, the university studies in computer science on the other hand provides me a solid understanding about computer technology and programming.

I'm convinced that this will help me to familiarize myself quickly with different kind of applications and also provides good tools for me to optimize my way of using different programs needed in 3d production in order to provide the best possible quality more efficiently.

My passion is to be able to work in production as modeler/texture artist or visual effects artist.

At the time I have the most proficient skills in 3d modeling and texturing, although I also know the basics of tracking, matchmoving and rotoing as well as principles of animation and rigging. Alongside my modeling/texturing projects, I'm continuously developing my VFX skills and knowledge about simulations.

Since I got my first gaming experience with Lemmings for PC when I was 10 years old, my dream has been to become a 3d artist. I have sincere respect towards people already working in the gaming/film industry, because every rendered second requires tremendous amount of hard work. I definitely want to be part of that great community.

My first step towards the dream, finishing the studies at VFS, has been accomplished. Now I feel confident to take the next step on my journey and therefore I'm looking for a great opportunity to work in the industry as junior modeler/texture artist/intern or as junior VFX artist.

3D modeling, Texturing, VFX, Usability of mobile devices

Modeling & Texturing Showreel 2012:

All constructive criticism is highly appreciated.


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